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Hamilton Junior High School
Protected Disclosures

The protected disclosure policy:

  • ensures that there is a procedure in place for reporting and investigating serious wrongdoing
  • protects the person who reports it from retaliatory or disciplinary action, and also from civil or criminal proceedings

    Anemployee could bring a personal grievance case against the school if any retaliatory action is taken against them.


  • ensures that the identity of the person who reports the wrongdoing remains confidential

    Unless naming of the person is essential for the investigation, or to prevent serious risk to public health, public safety, or the environment, orto respect the principles of natural justice.


  • ensures that the school complies with the requirements of the Protected Disclosures Act.

Serious wrongdoing is defined in the Act as:

  • unlawful, corrupt, or irregular use of public funds or resources
  • an act, omission, or course of conduct that:
    • seriously risks public health or safety, or the environment
    • constitutes a criminal offence
    • seriously risks the maintenance of law, for example, hides an offence or threatens the right to a fair trial
    • is oppressive, improperly discriminatory, or grossly negligent
    • constitutes gross mismanagement.

Unless it is inappropriate, the principal is the school's disclosure officer.