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The following HJHS uniform information applies to all students.

We ask that parents support the wearing of the correct uniform as detailed below as we wish to instil pride and mana with our students when they wear their school uniform.

All students must be wearing the correct uniform.

The uniform (except footwear) is only available through the NZ Uniforms store.

Compulsory uniform items



Rules for wearing uniform

HJHS Polo Shirt

HJHS Polo shirt

HJHS Skirt and or cargo shorts or trousers

HJHS Cargo shorts and or cargo trousers

HJHS Hoodie

HJHS Hoodie

The hoodie must be worn with the hood down when on school grounds and inside the classroom as a courtesy to others.

Black tights and or black socks

Black socks

Worn in winter

HJHS PE uniform            (see below)

HJHS PE uniform          (see below)

Optional uniform items for Girls and Boys

HJHS Shell/fleece lined jacket

If a student wishes to wear a jacket at school or in class it must be the HJHS uniform jacket.

HJHS trousers

Only to be worn in winter.

HJHS Flat peak cap

The cap must be worn with the peak facing the front.
Hats must be removed when indoors as a courtesy to others.




  • Plain black sandals
  • Must have a heel strap and strap over the top of the ankle. Sandals are not a jandal or a slip on.
  • The sandals should not contain significant branding, logos or writing.
  • Plain black  shoes, closed in, and either lace up or slip on. 
  • Black laces only.
  • Must be worn with black socks or tights.
  • Shoes should not be a sports shoe or boot.
  • Shoes should not contain significant branding, logos or writing.

While it is important that footwear is comfortable and supports the feet, it is intended that footwear is a school shoe and not an item of fashion. 

PE Uniform

Girls and Boys

Rules for wearing the PE uniform

HJHS Hoodie

The hoodie must be worn with the hood down when on sports trips, on school grounds and inside the classroom as a courtesy to others.

HJHS sports top

HJHS black shorts

Sports shoes

Only to be worn for sports and PE they are not acceptable for general school wear.

Additional uniform information


One plain stud/sleeper per ear. No face studs/rings etc


Necklaces that have religious or cultural significance (i.e. taonga) may be worn


One wrist watch

Make up

Make-up is not permitted

Winter Scarf

Must be plain black or grey with no logos or writing

Please note we advise parents to purchase shoes from reputable shoes stores providing school shoes where you can purchase quality long lasting footwear that will last the whole season.


They are located at 244 Tristram Street, Hamilton

(The Black Canterbury Building – near Founders Theatre) 

There is plenty of FREE PARKINGat the rear of the building.  


Monday to Friday: 9.00am to 5.00pm

Saturday: 9.00am to 1.00pm

Contact phone number: (07) 839 4550

We encourage parents to name all items of the uniform to ensure that they can be returned if they are, lost or misplaced.

No responsibility is accepted for loss or damage to student’s uniform.