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Policy 5.3





Hamilton Junior High School is committed to providing a safe and supportive environment which fosters personal respect and physical and emotional safety for all members of the school community.

  • Our school provides a safe school environment for all members of the school community.
  • Our school has zero tolerance of all forms of violence, including bullying and harassment. In any form, including texting and emailing.
  • Our school will investigate and resolve all forms of violence, including bullying and harassment in any form.  Violence will be reported to the Police.
  • Text bullying, email, Bebo and other sites utilised for harassment are best referred to the Police.
  • Our school has a clear expectation that all members of the school community will be afforded respect and dignity.


To provide a safe physical and psychological place of learning for students and staff.

Definitions of Harassment (PPTA School Anti-Violence Toolkit, 2004)

Harassment is the exertion of power by one person over another, which often presents as bullying behaviour:

  • It involves physical, verbal or psychological behaviour which makes another person feel embarrassed, offended, upset, devalued, degraded, afraid, humiliated, insulted or ridiculed.
  • It is behaviour which is unwelcome, unreciprocated and uninvited.
  • It is a breach of proper standards of conduct and professional behaviour.

There are three common and specific forms of harassment:

  1. Bullying:

Bullying is repeated inappropriate behaviour, conducted by one or more people against another or others, which undermines that person’s right to dignity, security or wellbeing.  While the behaviour may be direct or indirect, verbal or physical, its key component is that it is repeated, its effect is cumulative and it constitutes a real threat to health and safety.

  1. Racial Harassment
  2. Sexual Harassment

NB:  Harassment may take place in many forms, including texting and emailing.

Helpful Information:

0800 NO BULLY (0800 66 28 55)



Unwanted Messages (Text Bullying)

Netsafe:  0508 NETSAFE (0508 638 723)

Telecom:  Call free 0800 809 806 – speak to an operator, shortcuts for the voice menu are 1, then 2, and then 0.  Monday – Friday 9.00am – 4.00pm.

Vodafone:  Free on 777 from your cell phone or 0800 800 021 from a landline.  Hours: 7 days, 8.00am – 8.00pm.


                                 i.            The school will adopt procedures and practices that will reduce or eliminate incidents of bullying, violence or harassment, in any form, including texting and emailing.

                               ii.            The school will investigate and attempt to resolve any alleged incident of violence, bullying or harassment, in any form, including texting and emailing.  All reports and allegations will be taken seriously in the investigation of incidents and resolution of conflicts.

                              iii.            The processes developed by this school will be monitored and reviewed regularly.

                             iv.            The school will provide professional development to meet the needs of key personnel implementing this policy.

                               v.            The PPTA School Anti-Violence Toolkit (January 2004) is a key reference document.

                             vi.            If a student commits an act of violence the student is removed, contained and diffused as soon as practicable.  Deputy Principal is contacted immediately.  The Deputy Principal will establish the seriousness of the situation and may call the Police (111) to deal with the situation.  The Deputy Principal will interview student, teacher and witnesses.

                            vii.            The student will be dispatched safely home to legal guardian and the incident is explained to the parent/legal guardian.  (Deputy Principal/Social Worker/Police/Guidance Counsellor could be involved.

                          viii.            The Deputy Principal will gather all information (with Police if appropriate) write a summary statement and present it to the Principal for decision on consequence (within 24 hours if possible).

                             ix.            Should suspension be the determined consequence a letter will be delivered to the home. 

                               x.            Guidance Counsellor will support the staff member/s to make a statement (possible notification to CYPS re: serious allegations student made against teacher).

                             xi.            The Guidance team will be available for support to students as necessary.

                            xii.            Restorative meeting could be part of resolution-social worker/Deputy Principal and Guidance Counsellor to determine appropriateness.


This policy is reviewed as part of the Board’s Review Cycle.

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