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New staff must be effectively inducted into the Hamilton Junior High School community by existing staff and Board of Trustees.


New people feel welcomed and supported in the Hamilton Junior High School community.


  1. The Principal must ensure systems are in place to support
  • Maintenance of the school vision
  • All newly appointed staff, including support staff
  • Provisionally registered teachers
  1. Provision will be made for:
    1. Access to information staff.
    2. Access to school documentation such as:
  • Charter
  • School organisation documents
  • Job descriptions
  • Each person’s own personal records
  1. Support and guidance for all new staff.
  2. Support and guidance including the use of the staffing entitlement for Provisionally Registered Teachers.
  3. Ministry of Education Circulars and/or personnel for advise and guidance on use of PRT Ministry of Education funding.
  4. School advisors and /or Regional Induction Programme for Provisionally Registered Teachers.
  5. Teacher Registration Board Registration Handbook / Registration Criteria for Provisionally Registered Teachers.
  6. Compliance with the requirements of the Protected Disclosures Act 2000.
  7. New staff will be placed in the care and under the guidance of the Deputy Principal in order that;
    1. He or she can become confident and coping with the internal routines and ethos of Hamilton Junior High School.
    2. The relating to one person provides a safe atmosphere. The new teacher will feel more relaxed and appreciative of the appraisal, which operates during this period.
    3. The new staff member can be assessed in understanding the vision of Hamilton Junior High School.
  8. For Provisionally Registered Teachers the Principal will:
    1. Regularly visit the classroom formally and informally.
    2. Provide a written report containing review of the teacher’s progress and competence at the end of Term 2 and the end of Term 3.
    3. A report which summarises the strengths and weaknesses of each teacher will be presented to the Board Chairman at the end of Term 3, with a recommendation regarding registration. This report will be discussed with the teacher prior to being tabled.
    4. The recommendations may be:
  • Successful completion of the observation period with a recommendation for registration.
  • To continue the observation for a further year with clear items for review, or
  • Non-registration at the end of the observation period.


This policy will be reviewed as part of the Board’s cycle of review/schedule

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