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Teachers have a right to mandatory leave under the Collective Agreement and will be able to make requests for discretionary leave. Leave may be granted where approval will not interfere with the school functioning effectively.


        I.            To allow teachers to obtain discretionary leave where possible.

     II.            To preserve the effectiveness of the school.


        I.            All teachers with mandatory leave under the Collective Agreement will notify the Deputy Principal at least 24 hours before the leave is taken, except in the case of sickness, when the relief co-ordinator will be notified before 7-00am on the day the leave is required.

     II.            For discretionary leave a request is to be made to the Principal.  Generally leave greater than five days will be referred to the Board of Trustees for approval. Applications must be made in time for approvals to be granted by at least the Board of Trustees meeting prior to leave being taken. Leave must be referred to the Principal for approval on the form provided.

   III.            Leave of Absence (leave greater than two weeks). Approval must be sought at least a term in advance.

  IV.            Leave of Absence for further education or training is encouraged and will have priority over leave for self interest.

     V.            On receiving a your request for leave the Principal or Deputy Principal delegate must consider:

a)      The reason

b)      The benefits to or needs of the teacher in the school

c)      The potential disruption to teaching programmes or operation requirements of the school.

d)      The availability of suitable relief.

e)      The cost to the school.

f)        Length of service of teacher at Hamilton Junior High School

g)      Any previous leave granted.

  VI.            The teacher must provide full and clear details to enable a relief teacher to cover the position during the absence. If illness prohibits this then this becomes the responsibility of the relevant Team Leader.

  1. Leave will be without pay unless otherwise stated.


This policy will be reviewed as part of the Board’s cycle of review/schedule

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