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Hamilton Junior High School shall have a fair process of staff performance and attestations following relevant legal guidelines of the Ministry of Education and Section 77C of the State Sector Act 1988, and considering any guidelines suggested by Teachers Union.


         i.            To maintain staff performance at a high level.

       ii.            To identify for staff areas of Professional Development from which they might advance their expertise.


         i.            All staff must have a current position description, a copy of which must be attached to the performance agreement.

       ii.            In term 1, an initial interview will be held between the appraiser and appraisee to view job description and develop goals for the coming year.

      iii.            In Term 4, a self review interview will be held to determine goals that have been met. Surveys may be used to identify areas of good performance and areas to be worked on.

     iv.            Copies of documentation to be kept by appraiser and appraisee. One copy must also go to the Principal.

       v.            Professional development is important for all staff and they will be encouraged and assisted to participate as fully as possible in relevant activities.


This policy will be reviewed as part of the Board’s cycle of review/schedule

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