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The School will provide sexuality education as part of the Health Education Curriculum.


a)        To promote strong ethical and moral standards for both genders.

b)        To protect students from sexual exploitation.

c)        To protect students for unplanned pregnancies to protect.

d)        To protect students from sexually transmitted diseases.


a)      Each year all parents/caregivers of students in health classes will be sent a letter informing them of the content of the health curriculum.  Parents/caregivers have the right to withdraw their child from the sexuality topic and must be given the notification of this right in the letter sent.

b)     Every two years a written consultation must occur for parents/caregivers to complete on the Health curriculum being offered.  Information from this survey must be summarised to inform planning for the future.  A copy of this summary must be given to the Principal and Board of Trustees.

c)      Students who do not participate in the sexuality unit of work must be given alternative health work and provision for supervision of their learning must be provided by the Health and Physical Education learning area.  A log of these students should be kept and letters from parents/caregivers should be kept on the students file.


This policy is reviewed as part of the Boards cycle of review.

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