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Hamilton Junior High School Charter 2016

Our Vision

Learning for Life

Our Mission Statement

Growing success for all Learners.   

We develop our vision and mission through the HJHS Learner

HJHS Learner

Respect for Ourselves, for Others and Our World

Self Manager



Are resilient
Are resourceful
Set and achieve goals
Make informed choices
Use their initiative

Actively participate - locally, nationally,
Contribute purposefully
Connect with others and their ideas
Are collaborative

Listen actively
Discuss, debate, explain, share their knowledge, ideas and opinions/points of view clearly
Use a range of communication tools
Articulate their thoughts, experiences, needs




Use a range of tools and strategies to access information
Takes learning risks
Find and solve problems
Seek new solutions

Think about thinking
Think critically
Think creatively
Are intellectually curious
Apply & use their knowledge skills and understandings


Hamilton Junior High Schools curriculum and teaching programmes reflect:

  • The Ministry of Educations National Education Guidelines

  • The Ministry of Educations National Administration Guidelines

  • The Ministry of Educations National Curriculum Framework

  • The Ministry of Educations National Standards

  • The NZQA Standards offered by the School

Our Beliefs about Teaching and Learning are:

  • Everyone is a learner and a teacher – staff, students, parents and whanau

  • Everyone will learn to their personal best.

  • Everyone will be supported and nurtured as individuals.

  • Everyone will have the opportunity to experience and acknowledge the bicultural nature of Aotearoa.

  • Everyone will have the opportunity to experience and acknowledge the cultural diversity within our school community.

  • Everyone will demonstrate the attributes of the HJHS Learner and Expectations

  • Students will be encouraged to take responsibility to think globally and act locally.

  • That the HJHS curriculum will have meaning for everyone, connects with their wider lives and engages the support of their families, whanau and communities.

HJHS School and Community:

HJHS is a restricted composite school catering to students in Year 7 to 10 from the wider Hamilton region. It is set in spacious well-maintained grounds with an extensive range of facilities. Students are able to experience and pursue a wide range of educational interests and opportunities that include fully integrated use of e-learning tools, a modern visual art and technology learning environment, dance and drama, science lab, 2 modern learning environments which support collaborative teaching and learning. Students learn in well-resourced and attractively presented environments and each classroom is equipped with up-to-date e-learning tools and ultra-fast broad-band internet access. These broad ranges of educational opportunities ensure we can deliver the school’s vision ‘Learning for Life’.

Community Consultation is undertaken as follows:

  • To undertake community consultation in a meaningful way to ensure student achievement will be lifted.

  • Publication of our Annual Plan after the December BOT meeting each year.

  • Whanau community consultation meetings will be conducted to provide input into strategic planning, to share trends and to evaluate progress

  • School Leaning Management System (LMS) will provide opportunity for parental engagement in student learning progress

  • Community will be consulted around evaluating the effectiveness of HJHS programmes – a minimum of twice yearly.

  • Opportunity to more effectively engage community through the BOT Community Liaison’s

The Planning Years 2016-2018

  • The board will plan targets each year in relation to the strategic goals and student achievement

  • In Term 4 of each year the school’s annual performance against the current year’s targets will be analysed and reported to the community

  • Annual audited accounts are lodged with the Ministry before the end of May each year

  • Each Team will submit findings relating to their plan to lift student achievement, annual curriculum targets, and annual assessment data to assist in the annual analysis of variance and setting of targets for the following year.

  • All school staff conduct a review of the school strategic and annual plan at the completion of each term.

  • The school’s draft budget for the following year is developed in consultation with the school’s accountant in October each year.

  • The above bullet points receive final approval in December for the following year

  • The above bullet points are reviewed by the board in November each year.

Cultural Inclusiveness

  • Hamilton Junior High School aims to take all reasonable steps to provide Tikanga Māori and Te Reo Māori within the school.  The school will ensure this happens by:

    • Consulting with the community through the BOT Community Liaisons

    • Providing Professional Learning and Development for staff in Tikanga Māori/Te Reo Māori implementation in the classroom if required.

    • Exploring local iwi resources to assist with delivery of programmes and Professional Learning and Development.

  • Hamilton Junior High School aims to implement programmes of learning that reflect and include reference to New Zealand’s unique cultural diversity.  The school will:

    • Observe and reflect on national days such as Waitangi Day and ANZAC day.

    • Identify and utilise local history in order to bring about a sense of identity and belonging here at HJHS

    • Make connections with our local Marae and establish an annual marae noho

    • Ensure all students in Year 7 and 8 have instruction in Te Reo and Tikanga Māori within their class and that all Year groups have an opportunity to opt into more advanced programmes through our HJHS Day programme

    • Encourage staff to use Te Reo in the playground and during classroom lessons as and when appropriate

    • Nurture our school Kapahaka and Māori Performing Arts groups

    • Further develop and strengthen our Tikanga practices such as powhiri and poroporoaki

  • Hamilton Junior High School aims to implement programmes of learning that reflect and include reference to Pasifika students unique cultural diversity.  The school will:

    • Utilize The Pasifika Education Plan – 2013 – 2017 (PEP) to raise Pasifika learners’ participation, engagement and achievement

    • Enable Pasifika learners to participate, engage and achieve with their learning

    • Ensure Pasifika learners are secure in their identities, languages and cultures and contributing fully to Aotearoa New Zealand’s social, cultural and economic wellbeing.

Catering for Individual Learner needs

  • Hamilton Junior High School recognises that students need to be catered for in a holistic manner – every child is unique.

  • Hamilton Junior High School identifies individual student needs through using a range of assessment data. Programmes are specifically planned to meet these needs.  Within our programmes specific students are targeted to ensure achievement will be accelerated.  These target students are monitored on a regular basis to ensure accelerated progress is being made and sustained.

  • Hamilton Junior High School provides a range of programs that cater to students with special education needs.  These include but are not limited to: IEP’s, RTLB services and Teaching Assistant support.

  • Hamilton Junior High School is a culturally inclusive school community which recognises that each student brings with them their own cultural identity.  

  • Hamilton Junior High School has made a firm commitment to developing effective relationships with all learners based around their learning.  Our school is part of the Positive Behaviour For Learning project to be implemented over 2016-2018.


Hamilton Junior High School ensures that we cater for students entering our school and exiting our school through effective transition.

Year 6 and new students entering HJHS will be supported through the following practices:

  • Each new student is welcomed to our school by a senior student via a letter which is mailed to the new student.  This letter outlines basic information about HJHS and welcoming messages from other senior students

  • All new students and parents are welcomed in January each year through powhiri

  • HJHS run an annual induction day prior to the start of each year to ensure new students are familiar with staff, facilities and grounds, head students, classroom practices, day to day procedures and also our school vision, values and beliefs

  • HJHS welcomes new parents to attend a number of meetings in January and February to help them become a part of our learning community, such as parent/teacher meetings, goal setting sessions and student lead conferences.

  • The school office uses ‘Schoollinks’ to effectively communicate notices through text and email so that parents remain informed

Year 10 leaving HJHS in order to move into Year 11 will be supported through the following practices:

  • All Year 10 students take part in a programme which allows them the opportunity to gain NCEA Credits.

  • All Year 9 and 10 students take part in a programme which provides exposure to specialist subject teaching.

  • All Year 10 students explore what is needed in order for them to become fully prepared and ready for Year 11.  

  • All Year 9 and 10 students take part in career pathways planning so that they have a good knowledge and understanding of the courses they must take if they would like to be in a particular career/or to satisfy prerequisites in Year 11/12/13

  • Year 10 students are encouraged and supported to complete their Year 11 enrolment applications and subject choice.  This ensures all of our Year 10 students are pre-enrolled by the set dates and they have chosen appropriate subjects for their possible career choices.

  • Year 10 students have the opportunity to talk with Year 11 students as to what to expect when entering Year 11 and top tips for experiencing success in your first year of NCEA.

  • Year 10 students attend pre-visits to meet the senior leadership at their next school and supported through transition where necessary.