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Student Survey about Enrolment Process

HJHS Fitness Centre Proposal

As you will know we are always trying to improve our facilities here at school to ensure our students learning is well supported.  We are wanting to create a ‘school gym/fitness center’ on site in order to support regular fitness and a healthy lifestyle.  We are interested in your thoughts on this before we go any further with the idea.  We are also keen to know if parents would also want to use the ‘gym/fitness’ center.

The HJHS Fitness Center would be open 7-8am and 3-4 or 5pm provided we can find parental support to monitor the room.  We do not intend to charge anything for students and their direct whanau.  We are thinking of charging a small koha for other community members, eg. Uncles, aunties, people in the local community who wish to use it.  Please click the link below to complete a 1 min survey.

HJHS Student Feedback needed on student led conferences

HJHS Learner/Expectations Survey

2015 Arts Day

Pay it Forward
Student and Parent Survey on new hours for 2015
Here at HJHS we have been looking at how students learn best and how teachers can become the best teachers so that all students learn to their potential.  One way to ensure teachers become better is for them to participate in regular Professional Learning and Development (PLD) for themselves.Many high schools close early one day a week, generally at 2pm, or open later on one day a week at 9.35am, so that teachers to participate regularly in PLD.  
Thanks to all staff, parents and students who gave us feedback and completed the survey. We have had many parents respond and all students have  been surveyed. The leading option at present is: Option1: Close the school at 2pm on a Monday so that teachers  can partake in regular PLD. 
55% of Students surveyed preferred Option 1
67% of Parents surveyed preferred Option 1
In 2015 we will be changing the school hours to accommodate this, which will mean we will close the school early on a Monday at 2pm so that teachers can partake in their Professional Development and Learning. Thanks for your continued support.
Tanya Thompson

Pumpkin Carnival
Whiskey visits HJHS
The Arts Day 2014
Our New Technology Facilities for 2014

The students and staff at HJHS had an awesome time at Kauaeranga Valley Christian Camp. Check out our short video clip highlighting some of the fun activities we did.



Making a splash at the first event for Hamilton Junior High School in 2013. Students dressed up in support of their house groups and cheered on as they watched their peers competing.
RATA  KOWHAI  MATAI  and   TOTARA gave it their all in an attempt to win the house championship trophy.


Hamilton Junior High School
Opening Ceremony

Friends and whanau from our community gathered together to celebrate the opening of Hamilton Junior High School. We sang and shared stories from the past and spoke of our hopes and dreams for the future. Guests were invited to plant trees on the perimeter of our grounds to mark the occasion. This is an exciting time for us and we look forward to sharing our successes with you as Hamilton Junior High School.



Double, double, toil and trouble,

Fire burn and caldron bubble.”

Witches, Act IV, Scene I

On Thursday the 22nd of September, Hamilton Junior High School had the pleasure of seeing the Aranui Theatre Company perform Macbeth, a Shakespeare play. The actors were very talented, not getting thrown off by all our giggles and whispers. We were mesmerized by all the action and the tension created by the performance.

Because it was a modern version, it was much easier to understand and our school enjoyed it immensely. The amazing thing was that there were only five actors which made it hard but they pulled it off and the applause they received was colossal.

After the exciting act, we found out that the crew was Christchurch based and fresh out of high school, which made it even more mind-blowing that they memorised the long paragraphs of Shakespeare’s phenomenal play.

We wish them the best for the acts to come and hope they visit again because the experience was fantastic!

Stars, hide your fires!

Let not light see my black and deep desires.

Macbeth, Act 1, Scene IV


Indonesian Dance Performance Experience!

Learning about a new culture is always fascinating. This is why HJHS was honoured to have three Indonesian dancers come and perform for us, and teach us about their culture.

The dances were a swirling mass of traditional colours. The dancers used many props during their performances, like fans, masks, drums, and clothing especially made for a special type of dance. Our school watched, entranced, as exotic and cultural music flowed out. The dancers were spectacular to watch, and you could tell that they had many years of experience.

Then the highlight of the performance: where students were chosen and shown how to do some of the simpler dance moves. But it didn’t turn out to be as simple as we thought, as we struggled to keep up with the dancers’ graceful movements. But most importantly, we had a lot of fun, and our laughter quickly filled up the room.

After the amazing performances, questions were answered, origins of dances were explained, final songs were danced to, and then, sadly, it was over.

We all had a great time, coming away full of knowledge and Indonesia and the cultural dances. It was much more fun than any of us had ever imagined, and we can’t wait to see much more shows as great and enlightening as this one!

By Horim Choi